The Harbor Fish Company


From a small fishing town in the Pacific Northwest, The Harbor Fish Company knows a thing or two about fish. What we know: it should be good for the planet and it should be good for you. We also think the people who know this best are the ones who catch it -- and that's us.

Our products are always:

  • Free of added hormones
  • Free of antibiotics
  • Free of dyes and other chemicals



Wild vs farmed

Wild salmon is just that – wild. These fish are spawned in rivers and lakes then live the majority of the rest of their lives swimming through the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean exactly like they have been doing for many thousands of years. Farmed fish are raised in holding tanks and given antibiotics to fight off the parasites and diseases that appear when the fish are raised in closely confined quarters. Farmed salmon are also often fed or injected with dye to turn their flesh the bright red color of a wild fish.

Sustainable fishing

The State of Alaska has strict and progressive policies in place around how and when to catch salmon. These laws are in place to ensure that fish populations continue to grow and that our ecosystems continue to thrive and that your children, your grandchildren, and the many generations to come after them are able to enjoy this fish. 


We currently source our fish exclusively from a commercial fisherman from Gig Harbor, Washington who fishes out of Juneau, Alaska. Commercial fishermen are a unique breed who typically spend ~6 months each year in rain gear, Xtratuf boots, and a lot of wool in weather so cold and wet that the thought makes most other people cringe. Due to large waves and extreme weather, fishing is also fairly dangerous. We are very grateful for them. 

*And women! 

The Harbor Fish Company is operated out of Gig Harbor, Washington and Juneau, Alaska -- two towns with rich fishing histories. We are a small business that seeks to bring the highest quality fish and fish products to our customers. We thank you for your business.